chouette / hibou

Did you know that, in French, there are 2 precise terms for “owl”? “Chouette” refers to owls without those little ear crests whereas “hibou” refers to owls with little ear crests. [It's surprising that I was unfamiliar with this distinction until recently.] For example, the majority of the birds in this illustration are “chouettes” save for the 4 at the bottom and maybe one near the upper right hand corner. Those ones are  “hiboux.”  All of them are “owls.”

Speaking of owls: instead of drawing one today (which is what I typically do when I freak out), I called Pam-Mom on skype and cut my hair while she cheered me on (“CUT THERE” “YOU’RE BEING TOO CONSERVATIVE” “DON’T STOP” etc. etc.). This is why, one day, I will get “Pam-Mom” tattooed in fancy cursive letters.

from the front + the last owl I drew in my journal, the day after this whole hair/gender crisis started up again.

from the side. Note the owl/HIBOU ear rings Pam-Mom sent me.

Bag. OF HAIR. Should I make an art project with it? Or is that too narcissistic/gross?

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10 Comments to “chouette / hibou”

  1. 꽃샘추위 means “cold is envious of the flowers [because people love flowers more than cold]” and it’s used to describe days in the approaching spring when the weather turns from mild to suddenly freezing again.

    It just got cold again here. And the yellow dust came.

    I love owls. I love you. I love your hair.

  2. While this may or may not actually work, I think it’s worth considering as a possible use for your bag of hair.

  3. what did you decide to do with bag of hair? did you make art with bag of hair?

  4. also, how are you feeling about being bag-of-hairless on your head, these few days after the fact?

    • I still have the bag of hair. It’s in a corner of my (disgustingly unkempt) room. I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t bring myself to throw it away which makes me think that I’m probably a really gross person compared to the general public. But it’s so fascinating, this bag of hair, because it doesn’t really look or feel like it did when it was on my head. Once I gathered it into the bag, it all lumped into a bizarre furry, greasy mass. When I stick my hand in the bag, I don’t really feel like I’m touching my hair because the texture is so different.

      Re: art:: I also have this x-ray of my lungs I got from the French government. I was thinking of gluing some of my hair around it. But is that just weird for the sake of being weird? I don’t know. I need to think about it more.

      ALSO, I am very happy about being bag-of-hairless. I’ve had a few “oh shit no one will ever find me attractive again because my loopy curls were the only thing attractive about me” moments, but the whole euphoria of having super short hair (and having cut it off myself) trumps my neuroses.

  5. If we go on the assumption that this isn’t a hoax, don’t you think you’d need a more than a bag of hair for a solar panel?

    • Okay, point taken. But you can grow more, right?

      Or maybe you can just make a small one, to power like…um, I don’t know.

      (Also sorry for the repost! I didn’t mean it!)

      • That’s true! Maybe I could make a small one to power…um…the blender? I mean, I’ve been making a lot of puréed soups lately. It could be handy. But also, to get to the technical aspect of this, how would I actually go about making my panel once I’ve got enough hair? It’s probably more complicated than hotgluing a bunch of hair to a piece of cardboard, right?

        Don’t worry about the repost-y thing; wordpress has been marking most of the comments left on my blog as spam for some crazy reason. I don’t know to adjust my spam settings (CAN you do that on wordpress?) so for the time being I’m just going to blame wordpress.

  6. Well, yes, because you need to have a + and a ground. I imagine you probably would have to process it with some kind of common chemical (as they claim elsewhere, it only costs about $30 to make one) but probably not a caustic one. You’d probably have to put it on a frame of some sort.

    Also I understand they degrade pretty quickly.

    I’m not sure about the spam settings. It seems weird that they should mark ME as spam considering I am logged into a (paying) account…

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