Katie Yates – Arielle Greenberg

I mostly love this. Do you want to talk about it? And speaking of Arielle Greenerg, do you want to talk about the gurlesque?

Katie Yates

a pocketbook: a purse of tubes: (rose cream)
in the stand of thin air: (omelets/pockets
of coyotes) grinning accountants write:
Katie Yates Katie Yates your sweet new book:
design for dreaming (the gold change of girls):
Katie Yates: a register of mountains:
what sends the angels driven into snow?:
is it grease for Katie?: a bottle of:
spray: of non-stick for Yates? giver her your card:
Katie Yates (caveshow), book girl, contact me

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2 Comments to “Katie Yates – Arielle Greenberg”

  1. “In its exaggerated passivity and vulnerability, the cute object is often intended to excite a consumer’s sadistic desires for mastery and control as much as his or her desire to cuddle.”

    Hence the simultaneous urge to snuggle cute animals and squeeze them until they DIE. I know for a fact I’m not alone in this.

  2. Also: “Cuteness, then, reveals a state of deformity or monstrosity.”

    I had been thinking about cuteness in poetry in an entirely different way, as a combination of sweetness and sincerity– kind of the opposite of what’s being said here, haha. I guess it can go either way. Not all cuteness is manufactured for a consumer, e.g. kittens. Maybe you could say they evolved cute in order to provoke the response above (mastery, control, cuddling) so that someone would protect them and they would have a better chance for survival, like they say about human babies. Human babies, okay, kind of deformed, but kittens? God, I want a kitten.

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